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To the jobsworth on the door at Portsmouth Guildhall last night who confiscated the mouthful of water I needed to take my prescription medication and told me brusquely “You can get water in the bar!”, I am aware of the rules but I did tell you why I needed it. Would it have been so difficult just to let that tiny amount of water pass? Are you all so fixated on screwing money out of the punters that you couldn’t make an exception for a medical reason (which I believe it does state you can do on the venue’s website)? Because of you my evening was ruined before it even started, so thanks very much. I do hope that next time you have a similar problem someone treats you in the same manner.

Seriously, folks, it was a tiny amount of water and the only reason they don't allow outside food or drink in the building is so that they can charge you extortionate amounts for their own. Mum bought a bottle of water for me but ludicrously we weren't allowed to keep the cap (God alone knows why) so I had to empty out most of it and then take my pill early because carrying around an open bottle of water was awkward in the extreme. I really hope people knocked the damn bottles over in the auditorium and left them huge puddles to mop up.

I must be getting too used to West End theatres, where you're actually welcomed and made to feel as though the staff want you to have a good time and don't search your bag for contraband. Though the gig was good (if a little shorter than expected), I don't think I'll be returning to the Guildhall before Hell freezes over.

And you know what the really stupid thing is? When Dad and I saw Caro Emerald in September at the same venue there was none of this crap. No one even asked to look in my bag. Evidently there's a difference in operations between the Wednesday and Saturday night staff.


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